Have you ever felt the power and presence of God lacking in your spiritual life? Recently one man in our fellowship complained of always battling strongholds and spiritual battles that he could not get victory over. Remember I said, “we are to overcome in the last days.” Finally our conversation came around to the question, “have you ever totally surrendered your life to Christ, without reservation?” He replied with no I don’t think so, I never heard that I needed to. He was told to believe in God, accept Jesus into his heart and try and be a good member of his church. I told him James 2:19, says even the demons believe. We forget that the word believe has deep meaning in the Greek. It means if you believe you trust in, adhere to and relay on. It is not just a head knowledge but a belief that causes you to follow Christ. When Jesus said, “follow me” He was saying surrender your life to me. After a day this man told me he needed to pray and when he did he surrendered his life to Christ. What a beautiful prayer he prayed and what a powerful encounter he had with God that moment. As I laid hands on him I could feel the power of God moving through my hands. He has been truly changed and born-again. Today I was praising God for the fruit of last week, we have an amazing God!