Part 1 of 3

Remember the glory outpouring in Africa back in 1999? Years later God had me publish “The Glory Journal”, a book about this outpouring in Africa. While editing the book I relived much of this event and wondered why God had done such a thing. During that time as I prayed the Lord spoke very clearly that He had done this to bring an intimacy in my life to teach me how to make disciples the way He wanted it done. Simply put, He said “Do it like Jesus did”. Jesus tells us in John 5:19 “that He only did what He saw the Father do.” So Jesus must have made disciples by doing only what the Holy Spirit led Him to do. As such we have what I call Spirit-Led Discipleship, a process of cooperating with the Holy Spirit as He forms us into God’s image.


I wrote about this outpouring several years ago and never realized God might have bigger plans than I could comprehend at the time. We have recently had the Glory of God powerfully manifested in our church. It was an amazing event as people from Mobile, Alabama came up and God used them to minister. Those of us in Florence, Alabama who know anything about spiritual warfare know that Florence is a key area and race relations is a key aspect of the healing needed in Florence.


God is beginning to pour out in Alabama, the first state in the nation to approve Israel as a nation in 1943. Now we see God has been preparing Alabama with the work of this ministry and others to be ready to receive His glory. We will see a mighty move of God coming in our life time. This last weekend God spoke powerfully about what is coming. God is bringing a mighty reformation to His church. God spoke to me during the outpouring and He told me the next step for us here in Florence. We plan to hold a National Holy Convocation and call God’s people back to Him. We will send out invitations to the nation and see who God brings. All I know is that the glory of God is back and God is moving in great power.


So this is the first thing you need to understand to grasp what God is doing. In Africa, God showed me that the coastal region of Kenya and Tanzania are still heavily Muslim to this day when the rest of the country is 50/50 Muslim and Christian. The reason for this is the ancestors of these coastal tribes participated in the slave trade in colonial days. Their decedents are under SPIRITUAL BONDAGE today as they are largely unreached and many have tried. However, God led us to lead these Africans in confession and repentance and we saw the freedom break forth years ago and it has continued today.


We should take this lesson to our nation today. I am telling you what God has shown me. Our control of others including our past of racial issues is causing spiritual bondage in our nation. We must repent and return to God’s glorious creation and celebrate our God given diversity.


This is only the first part of this story. The next two newsletters will have more of the details. I am going to show you an amazing unfolding of what God did in Africa and how it is preparing Alabama for what God has planned for many years. What a joy to be working with God in these last days.