God is restoring order and justice to the land. I heard these words recently; it is Tuesday morning and the lines are long to vote. God is doing to do an unprecedented thing in this land. He is going to restore the joy back to His church. It will not be like the church we grew up in but one that has a burden for the lost and follows Him in the Great Commission. We are seeing an amazing amount of new people coming to the School of Discipleship. We are seeing the lost saved, blind eyes opening, deaf ears hearing and the lamb walking. God is doing what He did in Africa. I have enclosed a photo of a recent meeting we held. Please not we have several of our normal members out but the lost are coming to Christ in amazing ways. We handed out flyers randomly in a trailer park and one Spanish lady showed up at the church with a flyer saying, “I have been looking for this meeting.” We had another lady who was deaf and had to read lips. After prayer she claimed I can hear everything you are saying. We rejoice because God is doing this in these last days. I believe as I write his newsletter that tonight when the polls close, we will see a historic movement of God restoring justice back to our government and land. It will take time to filter down but it has begun.

I don’t focus much on the news or the things of this world. I try to stay focused on God and what He is saying to me but things have changed. My children, are becoming more stirred about God and I believe your children and grandchildren will become a powerful force for God’s kingdom in these last days. As I write this word to you God is telling me your witness and seeds you have sown over the years into His work has come up as a memorial to Him and He will restore families and relationships, lost ones will begin to see the light. These are the most incredible of times. Much of the world has focused on this pandemic but God is using it to remove the lust for the world and self and moving to regain the throne in our hearts. Many are calling and commenting on difficulties they are dealing with as well as godly experiences, I can see a great move of the Spirit has begun. “Lift up your heads oh yeah gates and let the king of glory come in.”


My wife and I are praying for you like never before. We are spending hours and hours in prayer and God is responding. Bishop Achanga from Kenya will be here in February of 2021 and we look forward to hosting him for several meetings. Please pray for the continuing work in Africa and for his visit. Our God is faithful! Over the years I have had the privilege of serving God in Africa and many of the things I have witnessed God do I could not explain or write about because many would not have believed it. But I can say to you now that your God is about to do the most astounding things so much so that it will change your view of reality. Get ready for God to display His power, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us!We praise His holy name!!!




Love in Christ,


Dr. Stephen Gray