Babylon Has Fallen –                                                                                     August 30, 2021


I have not written for a while due to the sensitive and corrective nature of what God has been showing me.  God has been speaking about how the church of today is not of His deign, the organized church has gotten way off track. Listen to what one researcher says, “Church leaders, conversely, tend to believe that only 1 percent of today’s churches are doing very well at discipling new and young believers.”(From Barna Research)  Of that 1 percent none are doing what God showed me in Africa of how He wants disciples made by the leading of the Holy Spirit. We forget the purpose of God is to form us into His image Romans 8:29, so we should cooperate with what the Holy Spirit is doing not depend on our agenda. God is telling me the organized church as we know it has been judged and removed from His plans, i.e. Babylon has fallen. Read Revelation 18 and the results of what happens to those people who ignore the call of verse 4, “And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.


When the glory came upon my life unexpectedly in Africa, in 1999, I was shocked when God told me He wants this glory to inhabit His church, yet I had rarely seen it. As I have preached around the world in many churches it is very rare to find the glory of God inhabiting His church. This is one of the strongest signs that we have already been in a measure of judgment. See how God dealt with Israel in the Old Testament: He removed them from His glory! In fact, God spoke to me 10 years ago and told me to stop holding meetings in churches and to go to Florence, Alabama and plant a place for His habitation. This was a sobering thought for me to contemplate!

In 2020 God spoke to me to hold a holy convocation; holy convocations are the same words scripture uses for the feasts of Israel and they mean a summons from the Lord in the Hebrew. Over the years God called me to do five of these holy convocations, two in Mobile, Alabama, two in Florence, Alabama and one in California. They have all been profoundly visited by the Lord with His glory each time. I believe they have been prophetic warnings to come back under the rule of His Holy Spirit. A year ago, in February we held such a convocation as the Lord summoned those who would come. The theme was Ezekiel 34:7-11, “call my people to return to the Father.” God was also speaking about the unfaithful shepherds who are guilty of three sins, not searching for the sheep, not feeding the sheep and not protecting the sheep. Two of these sins can’t be corrected without spirit-led discipleship. It was very powerful and the service can be seen on our website, After we held that convocation, Covid-19 broke out. A prophet who I have known for 20 years came to our church and spoke about 2 Chronicles 7:13 saying God told him, the virus was sent to judge the church. We did not speak about this at the time but held it for more prayer. This was confirmed by several other seasoned minsters I trust. During the election of November 2020 many so called prophets and minsters of all sorts proclaimed Trump would surely win. However, God told my wife and me no, Trump would not win and that the churches and its leaders were wrong in their assessments. How can all these ministers and prophets be all wrong?  It only proves that there is a great lack of maturity and intimacy with God among so called church leaders of the organized church.


God then spoke about the reason why He did not hear our prayers to restore Trump and defeat the liberal agenda. God has continued to speak that He is more concerned about His church than our nation. The church has lost God’s heart and word to such an extent that they don’t even hear God’s voice anymore. I personally over the years have seen very few who were really committed to making disciples and building God’s kingdom. God has had enough with these churches that He calls white washed tombs! Read 2 Thessalonians 2 about the great falling away before the Lord’s return. It is now here you are living in the great falling away!


Since the beginning of 2021 God has continued to speak repeatedly that Babylon is fallen (from Revelation chapters 14 and 18). He said, “The hedge is now removed from Isaiah 5”.  He is speaking to us about Revelation 11 and the two witnesses. These two witnesses are not literally Enoch and Elijah as some have taught but the remnant church and Israel. Just as John the Baptist was not literally Elijah but rather in the Spirit of Elijah. I asked God for confirmation of this and He told me to read Romans 11. This chapter confirms the identity of the two witnesses in Revelation 11,  it calls them the two olive trees. One is Israel and the other is the remnant church. The remnant church is those mentioned in Revelation 14:4, those who follow the lamb wherever He goes, making disciples. The key to God’s plans in the last days is the remnant church. However, the remnant church is very small. I am very sad to declare to those who are reading this that the remnant church is so small that they would scarcely be missed if they were removed. In fact, as we have sought God for prayer and direction and God has spoken to me that all the churches in my region (North Alabama) are under judgment, our little group is the only remnant church not under judgment. It is because we are making disciples and cooperating with God as He forms His sheep into His image and reaching the lost. You can’t have God’s glory if you are not one with God so when you make disciples it must be done by the leading of the Holy Spirit. There are very few churches in America that qualify as a remnant church.  In fact, God is now telling me there is a reckoning coming to the church due to its lack of true repentance. I am not sure what this reckoning is but I know it will not be pleasant. God has told me to begin to preach this message of judgment upon the organized church and call HIs sheep out of it, Revelation 18:4 so the people can truly repent and not share in her sins.


Let me take just a moment to speak about the judgement. Hopefully this is a judgement leading to repentance.  It is all explained in Ezekiel 34: the church shepherds are unfaithful and the church is unfruitful. Ask yourself is the Shekinah glory often experienced in your church, and are disciples being made by the leading of the Holy Spirit such that people are growing and making more disciples? Are the people you disciple making disciples? Statistics say less than 1% of church people are and even involved in any effective discipleship and less then 1% of those are cooperating with the Holy Spirit in the process of making disciples. 


The falling away in 2 Thess. 2 and the warning of Matthew 7:21-22 is upon us. The church has preached a wrong gospel that does not emphasize total surrender to Jesus as Lord so that you can be born again and enter the kingdom of God. See John 3:8 as Jesus describes what a born-again person acts like, the wind going where it wills but does not know where it goes. So too is the born-again believer. When Jesus becomes your Lord, your mission becomes discipleship and building His kingdom.


Our lack of salvation is evidenced by the fact that Christians today are fearful, controlling and selfish. I have traveled the word and preached in many churches and I can tell you few are led by the Holy Spirit consistently. This is the state of churches and is the very purpose of God, given in the “Great Commission.”


However, the pride that declared God was going to fix America with a certain president and the false prophesy about the election results is the same pride that is keeping us from truly repenting and being restored to our first love relationship. Isaiah 29:13 speaks of the sin of the church people who worship Me with their lips but their heart is far from God.  God has judged the churches with this pandemic for over a year and it will continue and only a few leaders, pastors or elders understands and has repented of not doing God’s will by helping form God’s people into His image. I felt I had to write this to you and let you know who have supported and prayed for this ministry. I believe this is why I was created to raise up a light in these dark times. Please pray for this work of God’s spirit. Please know I say all this with a heavy heart. I know if the Christians do not listen, then a greater reckoning is coming. You must seek God and obey Him. I am available to talk with anyone who desires to seek God, repent and rejoin the mission of Christ as given in Matthew 28:18-19.  256-263=6790


Dr.  Stephen L Gray