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Followers of Christ Fellowship is restoring the mission making disciples by being led by the Holy Spirit. Many Christians today have lost their purpose and the joy of an abundant life in Christ. God’s main purpose for you is to grow spiritually and then help others to do the same. You can’t do that with a book or course you must allow the Holy Spirit to lead the process of being formed into the image of Christ. This is the most effective and biblical way of transforming people’s lives.

Followers of Christ Fellowship | Led by Dr. Stephen L. Gray

Join us Sundays at 10:30AM & 6:30PM & Every 1st and 3rd Saturday at 10:30AM

2202 Estaline Drive Florence, AL 35630.

Who has been a faith missionary for 20 years, planting and pastoring churches around the world.  He experienced a life-changing visitation of Gods’ glory in East Africa that is now a manifestation of his life.

The principles of Spirit-Led-Discipleship explained in the book “Becoming a True Disciple” is about recognizing what God is doing in each persons life us and then learning to cooperate with God’s process of life transformation. These principles were discovered while planting churches in Africa and now are being demonstrated in the Followers of Christ Fellowship. Since 2012, the members have experienced the power of Spirit-Led-Discipleship transforming their lives. You must listen to their testimonies!

These methods given by God are now demonstrated at Followers of Christ in Florence, AL.

1. School of Discipleship meets 1st & 3rd Saturday of every month.

    A. Principles of Spiritual Growth.

    B. How to create an environment for Spiritual Growth.

2. Sunday services 10:30A.M. & 6:30pm every Sunday at 206 Heathrow Drive. Florence, AL.

    A. Preached word as directed by the Holy Spirit.

    B. Glory of God is present in all services.

3. Small Groups Monday through Thursday

    A. Where encouragement, accountability, communication, & fellowship occur.

    B. Fellowship and ministry to believers.

4. Grounding Manual Meeting on Mondays

     A. Discipleship grounding manual is discussed – see resources.

     B. Discussion of God’s truth between believers.

5. Transformation Prayer

     A. A biblical process of tearing down strongholds.

     B. Healing of physical & emotional wounds directed by the Holy Spirit in prayer.

*For More information Contact Margaret Tidwell at (256) 764-7443.

About Dr. Stephen Gray

Dr. Stephen Gray
Dr. Stephen GrayChurch Leader
God called Stephen Gray as a faith missionary in July of 1996 to East Africa. Stephen had no idea of the path God would take him on as a revivalist, pastor, teacher and disciple maker. He is the author of countless discipleship materials and two books called “The Glory Journal” and “Becoming a True Disciple.” He is a seasoned minister of the word of God. He is consumed with making disciples as he has taught hundreds over the years to take up their cross and follow Jesus. He has pastored churches in America and planted churches in Africa. He has served as an elder on Global Fellowship in America and 130 Agape Churches in Africa. He has a PhD from Midwest Seminary in Biblical Studies and Discipleship. As a missionary for 18 years with Stephen Gray Ministries and International Gospel Outreach in Mobile Alabama he has ministered in Israel, Europe, Africa, Jamaica, Mexico as well as America. Dr. Fred Wolfe formerly of Cottage Hill Baptist church of Mobile Alabama was instrumental in launching Stephen as a missionary over 18 years ago.
Stephen’s life has been one lived in revival as he has ministered in numerous revival outpourings around the world. This revival aspect of his life began in Kenya East Africa in 1999 when he experienced a powerful outpouring of God that lasted for several months. He was radically affected by this visitation and has carried the fruit of revival to many churches around the world. He has preached revivals in Laurel Mississippi, Granite City Illinois, Mobile Alabama, Jerusalem as well as Africa. The glory of God is a resident aspect of his life that is consistently present when he ministers. Many are impacted by not just his words but also the manifestation of God in his life.

Stephen Gray is still a man after God’s heart as he has always made discipleship his primary focus. He has studied discipleship and made disciples for almost 25 years. He has made it his life’s work to make sure the disciples he makes reproduces. He has seen many disciples grow and become fruitful as pastors in Africa and America. When asked how this happens he says, “the key to making disciples is to understand the Holy Spirit is doing the work and we need to follow His leading. The more you are led by the Holy Spirit the more disciples will grow and reproduce. God called Stephen to start the School of Discipleship in Florence Alabama in 2011. The school has grown and is seeing great fruit among its students. They report changed lives with greater hunger, knowledge of God, and knowledge of the word of God. Many of them are now beginning to make disciples. Dr. Gray has published the first book explaining these principles in “Becoming a True Disciple.” The key is to demonstrate a life of following Christ by becoming a true disciple of Christ and learning from Him. Once we do this we have something we can teach others.

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