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Stephen Gray Ministries is restoring the mission of making disciples by being led by the Holy Spirit.

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“Steve Gray is a man whose heart is for the Lord, not for a ministry, not for fame. His heart is for the glory, but not his own… it is for God’s glory.”

Pastor Carter Schultz, Jubilee Family of God

“I strongly feel God has raised Rev Steve to equip the saints for the work of the ministry especially in the area of discipleship and teachings on how to actualize God’s presence in your life.”

Bishop Evans Achanga, Agape Fellowship Church

“Sitting under Stephen Gray’s teaching has been a life changing experience for me. The curriculum he has put together for the body of Christ is awesome as well as challenging.”

Wendy Sellers, Student at School of Discipleship

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Babylon is Fallen

December 22nd, 2021|Comments Off on Babylon is Fallen

Babylon Has Fallen -                                                                                     August 30, 2021   I have not written for a while due to the sensitive and corrective nature of what God has been showing me.  God has been speaking about how

God is Restoring Order

November 5th, 2020|Comments Off on God is Restoring Order

God is restoring order and justice to the land. I heard these words recently; it is Tuesday morning and the lines are long to vote. God is doing to do an unprecedented thing in this

The Glory of God is being released

November 22nd, 2019|Comments Off on The Glory of God is being released

Part 1 of 3 Remember the glory outpouring in Africa back in 1999? Years later God had me publish “The Glory Journal”, a book about this outpouring in Africa. While editing the book I relived

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Today in this hour, the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been lost. The Gospel being preached today has been greatly distorted: it has no real power to change the lives of anyone, there is no real transformation, and very few experience real life change! Where is this change today only in a very few! The salvation being preached today does not change, it does not heal and it has no true power. It tells you your saved so just focus on being blessed. Your past is all gone so just ignore your strongholds, don’t worry about renewing your mind, it’s fine and your fine. God loves you we are all ok. Are we? Is that what you have been selling, preaching or teaching.We are warned about teachers who will bring teaching in the last days for our inching ears. I realized that many years ago, I found the truth of Jesus Christ, on a mission field not in church. He poured out His glory on me because I was seeking to know Him. I found Him and I listened and I applied what He taught me for over 30 years. I wasn’t so focused on only teaching and preaching these truths as much as applying and practicing what He was teaching me. I was driven by a desire to know God. Years ago, the Lord showed me Mark 16:17 and I replied, Lord I don’t have that in my life, I am not seeing that in my church. What’s wrong – He said, you are not living the true Gospel. You have listened to a Gospel that says you’re ok and I’m ok don’t worry. Yet, it produces no fruit and I see no power and we are told the book of Acts is not for today. I didn’t believe them, so I chose to believe what the Lord was telling me. It is for today and you can be changed and you can experience His power and glory. But it’s not just the power and glory it is Him. Him. To know Him, to love Him and to experience Him. It is a remarkable life of faith. It is the adventure of a life time. To walk with Jesus! He is worth the pain of dealing with all the wounds and the strongholds we must overcome to truly know Him. What a journey what an opportunity we have. He will tell you the truth, He will prove the truth of what I am telling you, if you will believe. I hear so much teaching and preaching but I don’t want the Gospel your preaching, I don’t see it changing people. You speak different things then what God is saying to me. He is calling for my total surrender in every area including my love and devotion. You preach about political presidents and governments when I am hearing a message about a spiritual kingdom. I have found a life an abundant life, a life of unspeakable joy and fruitfulness. I can hear Him clearly and it’s taken years of applying the truth He has taught. It is important to listen to His truth and not pretend you know when you don’t. Where are the teachable spirits?I was reading a passage about the adulterous woman the Pharisees brought to Jesus, John 8:1-6, Jesus wrote something in the ground. The answers on you tube to what He wrote in the ground is varied and abundant but so far off from what God said to me. As I was reading, I asked the Lord what He wrote in the ground: Jeremiah 17:13 – those who depart from Me shall be written in the earth. This only confirms how far the world of Christianity has fallen away from the God we talk about. He is longing for a love relationship; He is a jealous God – do you know what that means? He died for you and He has such longing for your fellowship and relationship and worship. Yet we are so distracted from the vanities of this world – Solomon said: Vanities of vanity all is vanity!! Everything in this world is vanity – Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ. Phil 3:8We don’t know Him nor love Him like we should, our hearts are far from Him. Yet, we are too busy to care – we talk the talk but we don’t walk the walk. A spirit of Repentance must come to restore us back to a first love relationship. Pray, without ceasing, cry out with all your heart – cry out like never before!! We are fallen away and don’t even know it! Repent, Repent, Repent!!!! ... See MoreSee Less
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